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Energy Saving Tips

It’s no secret that we’ve been experiencing high temperatures and very little rainfall lately. These conditions can affect both your comfort and your wallet.

Heat Wave Issues: (Air Conditioning)

  • Change you air filter at least once per month
  • Call a properly licensed a/c technician to service your system and check for possible Freon leaks, and clean the coils.
  • By taking these simple steps you can insure that you’re a/c equipment is functioning at maximum cooling efficiency, keeping you more comfortable at a lower cost.
Drought Issues: (Water Conservation)
  • Little leaks and outdated fixtures can lead to huge water waste. Even slight drips can add up to huge amounts of water usage during the course of the month.
  • Check for possible water leaks with toilets, faucets, and outside hose spigots.
  • Also, consider replacing older devices with new water saving models – many new low consumption toilets, faucets, and shower heads actually outperform older high consumption models. You local plumbing professional can tell you more about the many new products on the market.
  • Be sure to call a properly licensed plumbing professional to protect the integrity of your clean drinking water system and insure that the job is done right.

To locate quality plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors in your area be sure to contact a professional trade association such as PHCC that specializes in training and educating industry tradesmen and business owners in order to provide the community a better, more responsible service.

Not only can harsh weather in the form of heat and drought cause concerns to your plumbing and air conditioning systems, but so can storm situations in the forms of high wind, high water, lightening strikes, etc. To assist with such related damage as broken water and gas lines, as well as clogged storm drainage lines our trade association is in the process of forming an emergency task force to further serve our community’s needs.